Special Events

Fun Forest Programs!

Join us for family-friendly activities and enjoyable interpretive nature programs on your next visit to the Tillamook Forest Center. Check out our program schedule or visit us on Facebook.

Upcoming special events are listed below.


Tillamook Tales
Second Saturdays

11:30 am

  • June 13 - Butterflies are Patient
  • July 11th - Bats
  • August 8th - Berries
  • September 12th - Raptors

It’s story time at the Tillamook Forest Center! Join us to explore the forest through stories, songs, and activities,geared for young children (ages 2-5) and their caregivers. We will start off with an engaging children’s story and follow up with hands-on activities sure to entertain the wee ones. Each month we will host a different forest adventure, so come along and let our naturalists tell you a Tillamook Tale!

This program is FREE, includes a snack and will be held the second Saturday of each month at the Tillamook Forest Center.


Steelhead Release

June 26, 27 & 28, 2015

11:30 am each day

Due to the warm weather, there was a delay in receiving fish eggs but they finally arrived! We became the proud guardians of 300 winter steelhead eggs from a brood of native Wilson River steelhead trout. These fish depend on the cool, clear rivers that run through the forest. Join us to explore their incredible lifecycles, what they need to survive, and how the Oregon Department of Forestry is making leaps for fish. After a short presentation, we will release the tiny fry in the Wilson River.



Guest Presenter Dorothy Brown-Kwaiser

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail; The Good, the Bad and the Unforgettable

July 19, 2015 (Sunday)

1:00 pm

Join Dorothy Brown-Kwaiser for a candid glimpse into the world of a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail—the glamour, the guts, and the tears. From her first steps at the Mexican border with her never-been-backpacking cousin, to her final hobbles past the Canadian border with her dad, she’ll share the stories and photos that shaped her journey, and now her life. Whether you are planning your own long-distance trek, are just getting into hiking, watched or read Wild, or simply enjoy the tales of travel, there is something for you in this one-hour presentation.

9th Annual Return from the Burn

A Step Back in Time Event

August 14 & 15, 16 2015 (Friday - Sunday)

Join us for three days of fun celebrating the unique Tillamook State Forest. Throughout the weekend we will host engaging activities and displays representing the history of the forest before, during and after the fires.

This year’s Tillamook Forest Center “Return from the Burn”free event is offered in conjunction with Tillamook County’s “A Step Back in Time” which offers visitors an opportunity to visit several other museums and take a scenic train ride for an all-inclusive $15.00 pass. For more information on “A Step Back in Time”, please call the Garibaldi Maritime Museum at (503) 322-8411.

We hope you’ll join us for the “Return from the Burn” event this year for some free family fun! Additional details coming soon.

Forest Wildfire & Watershed Educator Workshop

October 30, 2015 (Friday)

8 am - 4 pm (All Day)

The Tillamook State Forest, our backyard coastal rain forest, is home to a rich variety of habitats, ecosystems and wildlife. Explore the role of fire in the forest and the interconnected nature of the Wilson River watershed. Enjoy classroom activities, a peek at the Tillamook Forest Center exhibits and field experiences!

Registration details coming soon.

*This workshop is funded through the generous support of the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust. Registration will open in the fall.