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National Association for Interpretation
2nd Place in national competition for TFC's Interior Exhibitry
Date: 2007
For: Outstanding Interior Exhibitry
To: ODF's TFC Planning Team, Aldrich Pears (designers) and Design Craftsmen (exhibit fabricators)

Oregon Department of Energy
SEED (State Energy Efficiency Design) Award
Date: 2008
For: Outstanding example of energy efficiency incorporating cost-effective energy measures 30% more efficient than state codes
To: Oregon Department of Forestry and Miller|Hull Partnership (architect)

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TFC Awards

American Society of Landscape Architects
Award of Excellence
Date: 2000
For: Outstanding professional achievement in landscape planning & analysis in the Tillamook Forest Center Master Plan
To: Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) and Miller|Hull Partnership (architect)


CINE (Council on International Non-Theatrical Events)
Golden Eagle Award
Date: 2006
For: High quality, professional film production in TFC film Legacy of Fire
To: North Shore Productions (producers) and ODF

Travel Oregon & the Oregon Tourism Commission

Gene Leo Memorial Award

Date: 2007

For: Outstanding achievement & effort connecting the public with Oregon's natural resources, scenic beauty and outdoor recreation

To: Oregon Department of Forestry's TFC Planning Team

Oregon Heritage Commission
Oregon Heritage Excellence Award
Date: 2007
For: Successful planning and development of the TFC as a place for learning forest history and heritage
To: Oregon Department of Forestry's TFC Planning Team

Oregon Department of Forestry
Team Award
Date: 2007
For: Significant staff accomplishments during the first year of Center operations
To: Tillamook Forest Center Staff Member 2006 - 2007

Silver "Telly" Award (Top Honor Award)
Date: 2007
For: Outstanding Film Award for TFC film Legacy of Fire
To: Oregon Department of Forestry/North Shore Productions (producer)

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