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Outside the building, visitors can explore:

  • A 40-foot tall fire lookout tower that offers a unique view of the area and the surrounding forest canopy.

  • A 250-foot long suspension bridge over the Wilson River that ties into the Wilson River Trail system and nearby Jones Creek Campground, and offers excellent salmon watching opportunities.

  • A system of themed interpretive trails that lead from the building, through the woods and along the river, providing insight into the past, present, and future of the forest.

  • Adjacent to the Center is the Smith Homestead Day Use Area and Forest Learning Shelter, an attractive riverside gathering area near the first homestead on the upper Wilson River.

The Tillamook Forest Center is the region’s largest forest-based learning center and outdoor classroom facility, located in the heart of the Tillamook State Forest.

Build a deeper connection with Oregon’s forests through experience and exploration. Through innovative programs and hands-on exhibits in the 13,500 square-foot Center, visitors can gain a greater understanding about what a forest is, how it works, and forest history.


The Center also showcases the historic Tillamook Burn, the public spirit behind the monumental reforestation effort that left a permanent mark on Oregon history, and how it shaped sustainable forest management today.

About The Tillamook Forest Center

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Inside the award-winning building, exhibits will:

  • Recreate a sense of the original pre-burn Coast Range forest.

  • Share stories of life in the forest, from the Tillamook Indians, early homesteaders, and explorers, to the people who enjoy it today.

  • Portray the tragedy of the fires, the remarkable salvage efforts undertaken, and the determination and public spirit that led to the successful reforestation.

  • Put the visitor in the role of natural resource decision-maker to understand the ramifications of forest management choices and the importance of forests to our lives.

No state tax dollars were involved in creation of the Tillamook Forest Center. The total cost of the project was $10.7 million, funded in part by a partnership facilitated by the non-profit State Forests Trust of Oregon. More than 400 donors — including foundations, individuals, business, and organizations — have contributed to the project.

The non-profit State Forests Trust of Oregon (formerly known as the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust), was formed in 1999, and serves as a catalyst for public/private partnership in support of the recreation, education, and interpretation mission of the Oregon Department of Forestry. The Trust helps enable the development of experiences that help Oregonians better understand and appreciate the Tillamook State Forest and all of Oregon’s state-owned forests.

Leaders from forest products, environment, education and recreation communities, joined by past and present political leaders from rural and urban Oregon, are active in the Trust. 

The underlying philosophy of the Trust is that Oregon's State Forests hold unparalleled opportunities for teaching and learning about the role of forests in our lives today; about the natural and cultural history of this forest and all forests, and about the responsibility and opportunity of sustainable forest management.

Honor a loved one, remember a special occasion, or show your love of forests and rivers with your contribution to the Tillamook Forest Heritage Trust in support of the Tillamook Forest Center. Your gift will be commemorated on one or more of the three permanent art installations at the TFC. Be part of the TFC’s ongoing legacy!

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