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The Tillamook Forest Center implements a comprehensive safety plan to ensure your visit is memorable for the right reasons. From daily inspection and maintenance of the surrounding area and trails, to requiring first aid certification for all employees, the Tillamook Forest Center is committed to safety.

The Tillamook Forest Center site is a satellite location for the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office which maintains an office on-site in an adjacent building. We have direct phone and radio linkage to Tillamook County 911. The building is equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED) device and security systems.

For your own safety when visiting the site, we ask that you stay on designated trails and avoid steep areas adjacent to the river. It's always a good idea to carry your own safety items and be prepared for changing conditions.

Something else to know: there is no cellular phone coverage in this area. Eastbound on Highway 6 the cell phone signal ends as you enter the Wilson River Canyon around milepost 6. Westbound, signals end around milepost 41 near the Gales Creek Shell Station, which is also, incidentally, the only stop for gas on Highway 6 between Forest Grove and Tillamook.

Payphones are available at the Tillamook Forest Center during operating hours.

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